If connected but cannot browse any website please contact us.

If you receive any errors connecting please follow the next steps:

Make sure that outgoing ports: 1723, 500 and IP Protocol #47 (GRE) or VPN connections (VPN passthru) are allowed by your router/firewall/wifi.

Check your router/wifi for these options:

IPSec Passthrough: Enabled Disabled
PPPoE Passthrough: Enabled Disabled
PPTP Passthrough: Enabled Disabled

All of those options must be enabled.

Try to connect your computer directly to the modem or external line without using the router/wifi.

Turn off your PC/Windows Firewall/Security Software if you use one.

Check properties of your antivirus or security software to allow PPTP connections.

Please go to: Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services and make sure IPSEC Services is enabled and started.

Contact your Internet Service Provider , if you have to, regarding VPN PPTP connections.

If your ISP completely denies access to VPN services, we offer an upgrade to a 2024-bit encrypted Secure IP Tunnel and Static US IP Address only available on Windows systems, price is $20 /month). Order Secure Tunnelhere.

An Elite Proxy plan is also available to bypass ISP restrictions or blocks. Order Elite Proxyhere.

Send us a message: contact support

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